Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Girl Between the Lines

Girl Between the Lines Link up
My real life bestie Lauren and her friend Haley came up with this awesome link-up! And well why would I not want to link-up!? More chance to tell you more about me? My kind of post!

This weeks prompt is to share a picture of ourselves and give three things we love about ourselves.

1.  I love that I do not take most things in life seriously.  As seen by the picture above.  I have more fun in life when I can laugh and just have fun!

2.  I love that I have a huge heart.  When I love, I love hard.  And I welcome just about anyone into my big heart.

3.  I love my tenacity.  When I set my mind on something, I will accomplish it and not let anything get in my way.  Some call me stubborn, I say tenacious.

PS I took forever trying to figure out which picture to use.  
PPS I had to look up the definition of tenacity to make sure I was using it right.


Lauren @ The Albrechts Blog said...

Love this woman! You and the picture!!:)

Charlene Maugeri said...

Found you from the linkup. This picture is so cute! I love that you don't take things seriously. I really wish I could be more like that sometimes. I stress and worry way too much!

Hayley! said...

Lovin' the wand!! :) It's always good not to take things too seriously!

Danielle Villano (A Writer in Love) said...

"When I love, I love hard."

Yes - what a great way to say it! I feel that way, too.

Nice to "meet" you through the link-up! :)


Megan @ Grad Student Needs Hobby said...

Visiting from the linkup.
I love the picture! So much fun.
Your last two points are so me - I was trying to figure out how to put my stubbornness into words and spin it positively (because I do think it can be immensely positive)!
I could learn a thing or two from you in remembering to lighten up. I used to be so much better about it, and it would be good to remember.
Following now, and I can't wait to get to know you more week to week!