Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I have seriously been exhausted this week (which explains why I have not been blogging lately!) Since waking up at 6:20 on Monday morning until now I have been so stinking tired! I have just been so busy and have had all kinds of things to do.  I swear my days NEVER end! I go from running, to work, to class, to trying to study for tests, to trying to spend time with friends and having a social life, to finally bed sometime hopefully before 1 am.  I just have not seemed to be able to catch up on sleep or time or anything!

Seriously Spring Break you could come any day now and I would be the happiest camper alive!  I know your next week, and I know I am leaving a day early (yay me!) but seriously I could use you like right now! All I keep dreaming about is beautiful Florida and the beach that I am going to be sitting on soon!
This is the sight I am dreaming of and wish I could be right now! 
But I have 3 tests and lots of other homework assignments to do before I can get there.  But you better bet that I am counting down the days!

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