Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sunshine and Warmth

Today was a gorgeous day! We had tons of sunshine and tons of warmth.  I was so excited when I woke up and decided to wear flip flops today! It was so nice! My toes were free and loving it!!!! No more bundling up in tons of layers to stay warm.  Now I can wear short sleeves and sandals!!

Since our wonderful God decided to bless us with this gorgeous day me and Ashlee decided to take advantage of it and spend the afternoon outside!  After day of work and classes it was just what I needed.  We took a guitar, book, a blanket, and grabbed our sunglasses and went!  As we sat down I opened up my book and read as Ashlee serenaded me with her beautiful music!

Oh and we can't forget the dried mangos we ate! So yum!  As the afternoon went on we got a little goofy...
This is what a great afternoon and a great friend will do to you!!! We so enjoyed ourselves!! And I may have pulled some good moves and songs on that guitar:)

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