Friday, February 11, 2011

Quotes from Dr. Ruth McDowell Cook

Dr. Cook has the ability to say the best things ever.  Here are just a few of her quotes...from one class.  She cracks me up and makes me love being in her class.  For those of you who have had her, you know these only hit the surface of what she will and does say.

"I am a Nana and Nana's are made from Teflon."

"With only 10 pages to read and half of them have pictures I am tempted to say get over yourself and do it."

"Wilson....well meaning."

"I'm an idealist...students don't cheat, they don't lie... hahhaha"

"You kinda worry when the professor prays that she will be put in the fire."

"He probably photoshopped his chest and I voted for this guy!"

" Paintballs don't hurt do they?  Not unless you freeze them. Oh freeze the"

"We suggest that you do not have alcohol in your room, that you do not smoke in your room, and that you do not....well I'm not going to say that."

"They should have had women there.  It was just a bunch of old farts sitting around smoking cigars.  I don't get that."

"Economist impress me.  I think I would want to be an economist.  I made good grades in calculus."

"This is going to get's a Friday afternoon."

"If you ever want me to write something good about you for a job....don't tell me about your lap dancing career."

"There's always a Hitler coming down the pike"

"Were electing a new president at Milligan...could be a Hitler.  Better start your prayer meetings."

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