Monday, February 14, 2011

My Life as A Professional Paper Scanner

This here my friends is my new bff.  I spend about 2 hours a day with her and just love it.  I love her so much that I am now considering a career as a Professional Paper Scanner.  Forget Education, this is the job for me!

For the past month or so it has been my job to take all of the old files down at work and scan them onto a hard drive.  I have had an absolute BLAST doing this (sarcasm people).  It actually hasn't been that bad, but seriously sometimes it gets a little monotonous.  Heres my process:
1. pick up the file
2. open the the file
3. sort through and find all of the important forms
4. look at all the pictures from the 50's 
5. enter my email address into my fave machine
6. load the paper and press start
7. repeat this process for about 15 times
8. pick up all the files
9. walk over to the computer
10. go through email and load them onto the hard drive
11.  look at all of the names and find some for your children (this is always fun)
12. walk over to the shred box
13. place the files in the shred box,
14. repeat steps 1-13 until all 100 boxes are done

See its not all that bad.  I try to make it fun!  I know you all are going to be jealous of me and my amazing job, but no one else can have it.  I was specially chosen for this job, and will never let it go...well maybe for a good price!

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