Thursday, February 10, 2011

Coming Back to Blogging

So it has been approximately.... FOREVER since I last blogged.  And after some reflection with a great friend about blogging I decided it was time for me to get back to this!

So life at Milligan....where to start. Well we all got back from Christmas Break and did that whole run while screaming in an annoyingly high squeal to give you friends a hug because the month you spent apart from each other was just way too long!  After that we all had to play catch up with each other.  We sat and talked and filled each other in on our lives.  These are the moments I live for! They remind me why I have the friends I have and why I love them they way I do.

After being back for a few days it was time to start classes.  We all looked for what classes we were going to have with our bff and then when we didn't have a class with them we made sure to find someone we could talk to during that class.  After the first week or so we were already fed up with our classes.  But hey were here to learn so thats what we got to do!

Now that we are about a month into this semester things have seemed to come back to normal.  We have started to take our first tests in our classes (again the professors here seriously plan all their tests at the same time!)  We are al settled in and dealing with snow and cold weather! So cannot wait for spring to come around!

So thats Milligan for now!  Who knows what this semester has in store for me and all my friends, but I know its going to be a good one!

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