Thursday, August 11, 2011

Life Since I have Been Home

So here is what I have done since I have been home:

Went to another doctor's appointment just to have another MRI done just to be told that there is not much that can be done for my shoulder.  There is fluid in my shoulder due to inflammation of my tendons but all the doctor has told me is that I need to do yoga, and get massages..... I guess I will have to learn to be ok with that!!

Headed down to the beach with the fam to enjoy lots of sun and fun!!  Between the boating and the time spent with friends it was a great and much needed weekend!

Then this whole week while Mamerz was moving Mattie into her dorm I was running the household! I cooked and cleaned and lets just say... Mom does a much better job!!  And its a lot harder than it looks!!

Now I am preparing to go back to Milligan.  I head back in a week and I cannot wait to be back up there with all of my friends!!!

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