Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer Reading Fun

Ok people I think I may be addicted to books.  And I am not kidding!!  I absolutely LOVE to read.  I have loved to read basically all of my life, and even though I read thousands of things while at school, I never can seem to get enough books to read.  The summer is my favorite time for this, and this summer was no exception!!  I read all summer and here are some of my favorites!

 This book was awesome people!  It showed me what the power of prayer can really do for people!!  I totally suggest this to anyone who has any doubts on prayer!!
 This is probably one of my new favorite books.  I first saw it in bookstores and thought it was a joke, and didn't have any desire to read it.  Then when I got to camp and Dean starting talking about it and using it as a reference, I knew it had to be good! So I went and bought the book.  Lets just say I could not put it down!! I loved this book.  It was so eye opening.  I started telling everyone about it, and before I knew it my book had been passed around to half of the camp! I so love how God can work sometimes!!
I just finished this one last night.  And again it was another I was skeptical of and then once I started reading it I could not put it down!!  I loved this book.  Again it was eye opening and now I am DYING to go see the movie!!
 Not exactly sure where I heard about this one from, but loved it.  It was so good and fun to read.  Its kinda weird and not for everyone, but I couldn't put it down!!  If your looking for something light to read, this one might be the one for you!
 Part of my reading problem is that I have fallen in LOVE with autobiographies.  Like seriously people, I am obsessed and pretty sure this is my favorite section in the book store.  I love learning about peoples lives and this book was an awesome one.  I first heard about it when Mattie had to read it for college.  Then this summer the lovely Miss Lauren B. Austin decided to read it which got me into it.  Great book about a different kind of life than most live.  Definitely a must read!
Now I have always loved Nicholas Sparks books.  Who doesn't?  But lately they had gotten really predictable, and plus love stories make me want to barf right now (don't ask me why).  But mom and Mattie read this one and said I should as well.  And while it was a love story, and very predictable, there were some twists and I actually enjoyed it!!

So as you can see I read a lot and of course I recommend them to all.  I have a new obsession also with going into bookstores and getting lost there.  I can spend hours there reading and finding some awesome books to read!! 

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