Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Finally Finished My Room Decor!!!

I moved into school just over a week ago.  And it has taken till today to finally finish decorating my room.  And man am I excited to share this with you all!! Now I may not be the most creative person but this project was awesome! I worked hard just to make it right!

As many people know I am OBSESSED with pictures.  I love to take them, I love to be in them, and I absolutely LOVE to display them.  A room is not complete to me unless it has pictures.  So I got this crazy idea.... canvases + paint + pictures + quotes = BEST MOST CUTEST IDEA EVSSS!!!! So here are the pics of everything!

This the work station I had set up.  Lots to paint and to do!
 The start of one of the canvases. The finished product has the Bible Verse Psalm 71:14 "but as for me I will always have hope."
 Tried to use the lace on the top as a stencil but it turned out better like it is.

 Can you guess what I used to do this? A CD!!! Man I even impress myself!
 Finished product! Love Love Love the way it all turned out!
 The quote on the brown canvas is my favorite! It is by Dr. Suess and it says "Today you are you.  That is truer than true.  There is no one alive who is youer than you!"
 And these are the other canvases.  The one of the far right says " happiness is not a destination".
And yet another picture of the completed room!

I hope you all love the room as much as I do!!!  It was fun to put together and I love how it all turned out!!!

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