Friday, March 18, 2011

5 hour talks

This here is Rebecca Hughston.  Probs one of my best friends that I have here at Milligan.  This picture was taken about a year and a half ago, and still to this day we love each other and are there for each other.  Last night is a good example of that.  Thursday night is date night with Beck.  This usually just means we have dinner and then hang out till about 7 when she has a meeting.  Last night though, was much better than that.
I met up with Becky in her office at 4:15 and waited and talked with her until she got off work at 5. We then headed up the hill to the caf for dinner.  We had a great dinner just talking about anything and everything till about 6.  We then went and sat outside in order to enjoy the beautiful day and watch the sun set.  As we sat out there we got to watch all of the guys just goof off on the hill and again talk more about anything and everything.  I think this was the perfect ending to the day!
We didn't go back inside until about 8:30 that night.  I absolutely loved it and would never trade that night for any other time in my life.  Becky I love you and you are seriously the best ever!

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