Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Need for Change

There are times when I hate change.  Big changes in life are the worst for me and I usually do not welcome them with open arms.  This is mostly the whole idea of moving.  My family has lived in the same house for the past 16 years, so the idea of picking up my life and moving somewhere else always scares me.  I had to do this in order to come to college, and I seem to do it every summer when I go to camp.  As much as i hate these changes I do them anyways because I know they are the right things for me to do.

 Little changes in life I love.  Little things like changing the layout of my blog, or rearranging my room, or any kind of little decorating things. And today I felt that need for a little change in my life.  So I changed the layout of my blog, as you can see.

I always seem to hope that by accepting and engaging in small changes I will one day be able to accept some bigger changes in life.  And they do help so I think I will keep up with them and start to accept more bigger changes in life.

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