Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Pain Free Year?

As most of you may know, I have suffered from intense pain in my left shoulder for about 2 years this month.  I have seen 7 different doctors, received 3 different diagnoses, endured 10 steroid shots in my back and upper shoulder, had multiple X-rays and MRI's done, and still have not been pain free for more that 5 months at a time.

Yesterday I went back to the doctors office and met with my 7th doctor.  I get extremely frustrated about this topic, so of course in the middle of my exam I start crying (or bawling my eyes out).  I really just wanted someone to understand what was going on, and to believe me when I said I was in intense pain.  Most doctors in the past have looked at me like I was crazy and brushed me off.  But not yesterday!

Yesterday the doctor took me seriously.  I watched as he scoured over all of my previous tests, he listened intently as I explained all of my problems, he actually examined my shoulder.  And while we may not have a definite answer yet to what is going on, we are definitely one major step forward.

He told me that he saw where some fluid and inflammation was and that it could be coming from a bone rubbing my muscle in the wrong way.  So whats the solution you ask? A cortisone injection.  Now I had always heard that these were the WORSE injections ever.  And me already being scared of needles and injections freaked out.  Like MAJORLY freaked.  I have a feeling the doctor thinks I am crazy! In about two weeks I am going to be able to know if this injection really worked.  If it does then I should be pain free.  If it doesn't....then I have to move onto another doctor and it could be that I have a pain syndrome.

I am praying very hard that this injection works for me.  The idea of being pain free is so amazing to me! Its been 2 years since I have been able to say I am completely pain free!  I hope you all will join me in praying that I continue to heal and have great results with this!!

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