Monday, January 30, 2012

Life Update Time

So its been a while since I have last posted, and for those of you who are not in my day to day life I know you are just DYING to know what I have been up to!!!

Well its pretty much been all about school.  Getting into classes, figuring out if I like my classes, figuring out my 40+ hours of observation, and doing school work.  I have to say though, I really do like pretty much all of my classes.  They are all fun and interesting and don't bore me all that much.

Yesterday and Wednesday are two birthdays for the girls! Lauren's birthday was yesterday (Happy Belated Birthday!) and Jessi's is on Wednesday (Happy Early Birthday!!)  Tonight begins the celebration at Barb's for Lo and then on Wednesday we get to move onto Moto's for Jessi.  And this year is the big 21!!! Now lets not get too crazy girls....

Well between school, work, church, and friends I have managed to stay always busy.  Not much down time, but I guess that is a good thing! I am already looking forward to Spring Break when I can take a break from it all and relax in Florida!!!

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