Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Major Obsession!

Ok people so I have this new major obsession that I just have to tell you all about! It is so awesome, you all will just have thank me later for introducing it to you!! Seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

OK so are you ready? This website Jewel Mint is my new obsession.  Not only does it have some pretty dang awesome jewelry designed by Actress and Fashionista Kate Bosworth and Celebrity Stylist Cher Coulter, but they customize what you see.  You go through and answer questions all about your style, and then they will show all the pieces they think you will love.  To top it all off every piece is only $29.99.  Now I know for a college kid thats quite a bit, but your getting uber nice designer pieces. What's better than that?!

Here are a few samples of their pieces that I have fallen head over heels for!
 This gorgeous necklace here is made of different rings.  Love its uniqueness! 
This lovely duo is a ring and bracelet set that I am loving!

OK so this is my top fave piece.  Gorgeous ring and so my style! Black and intricate and big... LOVES!!

Lovely earrings that add a little sass to the outfit!

For those who know me, they know I love bows, so how could I pass up earrings with bows!? Also vintage style!

Loving these rings.  They are 1980's inspired and really simple.  I totes love wearing gold and silver and these are just perfect!

So you all need to trust me now and go and sign up for FREE on this site and start seeing whats there for you! Also your first piece you buy is 60% off.  Now who doesn't just LOVE a sale?! Hope you all have just as much fun as I have had with this site :)

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