Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fun in Class?

This semester I am taking Creative Activities for Children, otherwise known as Integrating the Arts.  I was really looking forward to this class for many reasons.  One I love the teacher, she is just amazing.  Two we get to have craft time.  The most important reason...we get to have craft time!

On the first day of class we were all given paper and told to create our name.  We were not allowed to sketch our letters first, so as you can see my letters weren't exactly the best!

Today we were learning the different parts of the flower and got to create our own flower with tissue paper and starch.

Now for those who know me, and those who can see these pictures, they know I am not the most creative person out there.  But I try my hardest and my teacher tells me I did a good job!  And I had fun, so thats all that matters!

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