Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dorm Struggles

Here at Milligan our we have suite style dorms.  While this is fun because instead of just having a roommate we get to have suite mates (or people we share a toilet with according to the guys here).  While I love my suite mate to death, we have a slight problem in our suite.  And that problem would be that we are on the same shower schedule.  This means we race each other (or I just race her) to get into the shower in the mornings.

Now for those of you who know me, you know that I am so not a morning person! I have my routine, and in order for me to have a good morning I need to stick to it.

Now this morning I woke up at 8, just in time for me to jump in the shower and have plenty of time to do my hair and makeup and get dressed and head out the door for work at 9.  But right as I was waking up this morning I hear that light go on and next thing I know....Kylie is in the shower.

Confession time.....most of the time when this happens I just give up on the shower for that morning.  But this morning I just really needed to get in the shower.  So I waited for what seemed like forever for Kylie to get out of the shower.  (During that time I chose to read this blog which was tons of fun! love her!)

So it was like almost 8:30 before I got out of the shower, which was a major problem because 3o minutes is just not enough time for me to get ready.  Some how I did it, but not without some dorm struggles!

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