Sunday, January 1, 2012

Looking back at 2011

So I got this idea from my wonderful and amazing friend Lauren Austin! Here is a good look back on what happened in life for me during 2011...the good, the bad, and the probs very ugly!

During the first week of January I flew out to California with Ashlee to meet up with Eliza so that we could drive across country back to Tennessee...boy is that a trip I will never forget.

This was the start of one the the toughest and challenging years I have experienced.

Eliza, Ashlee, and I went to go see Disney Princesses on Ice.  Seriously BEST SHOW EVER!!

We got to celebrate many birthdays this month.  Some that were overseen the previous semester, and some that all just happened to fall around the same time! I just love birthdays!!!

This year I decided to head home by myself for Spring Break in order to spend some quality family time.  I drove down with Mattie and her friend and loved being able to see everyone! It was very relaxing and a much needed break to what was turning into a rough emotional semester for me.

During this time I really got to spend some great quality time with Becky, and we continued to further our wonderful friendship.  I was constantly reminded how big of a blessing she is to me (and I still am)

Birthday month! Best month ever and I turned 20 this year!  This was a big deal for me and my friends...Now That We Are 20!!!

This was the time when my parents decided to sell the home we had had in the mountains for years.  While we were all sad to see it go, many great things are in store for us now!!

Wonderful Wednesday was just wonderful! My wonderful friend Kelly was the one who planned and executed it all...and I must say she did a fantastic job!
After finally finishing my Sophomore year at Milligan, I packed up my car and headed home with Lauren Austin.  We spent about 10 days together enjoying the beautiful Florida sun.  It was a much needed break from some crazy drama going on in my life.

This month I also went on my first date ever....yes I know I am 20 and well behind but hey God has a plan for me!

On June 4 I headed back for my 11th summer at the Vineyard camp...and I have to say it was the best so far! This year I was the Girls Camp Director which brought on many new responsibilities for me! But it was just wonderful!
Still at camp having fun...until I sprained my ankle.  First every injury like that so I was not too happy about it! It made things difficult but I got through it and made the best of the rest of the summer!

After having more Doctors look at my shoulder...I am still no where near a final conclusion as to what is going on!

Moved back into school for my Junior year at Milligan.  I must say while I was super nervous to be back, and the first couple weeks held many many tears for me, this semester has been the best one so far.  And I was able to strengthen many relationships that I would not give up for anything now!

I got my craft on and redecorated my room!

Jessi and I took a road trip to Maryland to see Becky and Kelly.  Best time ever.  I love these girls so much and I just love spending time with them!

The very first weekend of October I took a trip with my Cross Cultural Psychology class down to Atlanta, GA.  It was a wonderful trip that I am so happy I went on.  Not only were my eyes open to many things, but old relationships got some work put into them!

Becky and Kelly came down to Milli for Fall Break! Loved having them there and getting to spend more time with them!!

Had a wonderful day cooking and baking over at Eliza and Ashlees apartment! So much yummy yummy food!

Got to go home to Florida for the first time in years for Thanksgiving! I loved spending time with my family!!!

Got back to Milli just in time to prepare for finals! I was so happy when I was able to say that this semester was over with!!

Went to Virginia after finals to see my grandparents and also to pick up my mom to take home to Florida.  It is always good to be able to spend some time with them!

Had a wonderful Christmas with my family.  So happy to be home and have time to spend with them!

Well people that was my year! I cannot say that I really liked 2011 all that much and I am honestly VERY happy to see it go!  I just know that 2012 is going to be great! And I hope you all have a great New Year as well!!

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