Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 In Review

Oh 2014.  You have been a year.  Good or bad?  I am not too sure.  But if I had to decide I would say good.  So many happy memories and times had.  Lots of stress and hard work too.  There is not much of you I would change even if I could.  2015 though, I am REALLY looking forward to you!

January started off with a bang with my sister attempting to set me up with a telling him lies!  

Throwing our girls trip to Charleston and Savannah and it was a marvelous month!

This month was a crazy kind of month for me.  I was working multiple jobs, trying to find an internship site, taking way too many hard classes and needless to say I was STRESSED!

I have always been a fan of visiting my friends and go as often as possible!  A road trip it was to see some of those awesome people in Tennessee!

The biggest part of this month was that I quit one of my many jobs.  I remember being so stressed and needing to cut back somewhere, so the gym job went out the door!

I also finally got an internship site and shared a little about what I do and where I am working!

After being in my apartment for about 7 months I came to realize how much I love my little space!

For Easter my best friend Ashlee came down to Florida for a visit! I loved having her here and she was able to see my little apartment in real life.  We have decided to make Easter a tradition, which I love!

I also celebrated another birthday this month! 23 years old and loving every minute of it!

May is the big start of beach season around here.  I found myself paddle boarding up and down the canal and spending time out on the boat with my favorites!

I also added some new decorations to my apartment.  Not my first choice, but Brutus was more than thrilled to have a cat tree!

Mattie and I signed up for four 5k races this summer and started them off with a bang! I loved running with her and how we both needed each other to get to the finish line.  Too bad she broke her foot and cannot run anymore...

If my mom didn't already know she had the best kids ever, then this month she learned.  My sister being the big mastermind behind it all, helped fly in my moms best friend from college.  They had not seen each other in 15 years.  Best.  Surprise.  Ever. 

After quitting that one job back in March, it took me till July to burn out again.  This time with school .  I had had no break from classes since January and had none coming till December.  Fortunately I got through that one!

The first part of August was probably one of my favorite times of the year.  It had been 8 months since I had seen my best friend, I was burned out on school, and I just needed a break with her.  So I flew to New Hampshire and had the best time ever with Lauren!

September came and with it came me opening up about parts of me I had hidden on here before.

I also contemplated online dating.  And then bit the bullet and did it.  And now I am quitting it.

The first weekend of October is another weekend I will not soon be forgetting.  My blog bestie, Rissa, came and visited!  We did the whole Harry Potter World thing and quickly became real life besties.  Cant wait to make it out to Arizona soon!

Two weekends later and I found myself in Georgia going to a Boyce Avenue concert with a best friend and my sister!  

November was a quiet month for me around these parts.  But I did post about how I have become a crazy cat mom.  

Other than that it was filled with work and school and getting ready for a much needed Christmas break!

Another quiet month for me around here.  I have been on break and totally enjoying it.  

We celebrated Christmas and had a wonderful time making new traditions!

It was a wonderful filling exciting year for me! Hear is to hoping yours was just as great and 2915 will be even better!!


Mosby Hardin said...

Aww you had a good year girlfriend! October being the best part, duh ;) . Hopefully we will get to see each other in 2015!!

Mosby Hardin said...

Chúc mừng năm mới :)

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