Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Things I Forgot About Long Hair

It has been almost two years since I have had my hair this long.  And while I greatly missed the length when it was short, there are many other parts of having long hair I did not miss.  Two years is a long time to grow out your hair and in the mean time you forget what it is like to have long hairs on your head.  But now I remember.

I forgot... about all of the knots and tangles.  I have curly hair.  I do not brush my curly hair (I comb through it in the shower).  So the longer it gets the more tangles and knots I get.  Rats nests worst than a 6 year old who hasn't brushed her hair in a week.  And I hate it.

I forgot... how hot and sticky long hair can be.  My short hair was well short and did not stick to my neck when it was hot.  Plus the more hair I have the hotter I get.  

I forgot...that hair always in my face drives me nuts.  My hair is not just long, it is thick.  Really thick.  So by the end of the day it surrounds me and I end up pulling it up to get it out of the way.  But then it gets a crease in it and I have to wear it up for another day or two before I wash it again.

I forgot...the more hair you have the more product you use.  I am a lucky girl that all I have to do is wash my hair add product, and let it air dry in order to get some pretty awesome curls.  The only reason I use product is to contain the frizz. When it was short all I needed was one little dollop and could go almost two months without buying new product.  Long hair calls for multiple dollops and new product every 2-3 weeks. And it ain't cheap stuff!

I forgot...that the more hair I have the more I can do with it.  With it longer I have now been able to add some new hair styles to use.  I love more options.

I very much so have a love/hate relationship with my hair.  When it is short I want it long.  When it is long I want it short.  And right about now I am DYING to cut it all off.  But I made a promise to myself I would wait till after graduation to cut it.  So waiting I will do.  6 more months.


Mosby Hardin said...

I love my long hair! Granted, mine isn't curly, but it definitely dreads very easily. I just cut an inch off my hair and reshaped it for the first time in about a year and that makes me sad.

Mosby Hardin said...

My hair is like yours, but I hate the curl and I can never use enough product to handle the frizz, so I straighten it every day. I've been trying to grow it out for years so I can donate it without sacrificing as much length. You wear your hair well both long and short! And I'm curious: why did you decide to keep it long until after graduation?

Mosby Hardin said...

I HATE straightening my hair because of how long it takes! But I do it every now and then! I am growing it out because I love to donate it. And for my last graduation it was super short and now I want to have a graduation with long hair. Kinda silly but by then it will long enough for me to cut and donate it as well!

Mosby Hardin said...

I loved having long hair before. And I do like it now. It has just been so long since it has been long so I am not use to it! Totally different from short hair!