Thursday, November 13, 2014

Good People

The other day I was watching one of my 59478634 reality shows that I love.  I believe it was the show "My Five Wives".  I am so a person who loves understanding how other people live and run their life…so I love watching shows like this one since it is so opposite of my life.  One thing the wives kept say really struck me. And I haven't been able to get it out of my head.

The family recently left their church and are now raising their kids "to be good people".  My immediate question was "What does it mean to be a good person?"  Why would that be the sole purpose for how you raise your kids? What good will it do them? Why be just a good person?

This all stems from the reason why I desire to be a good person.  I do it to please God.  I do it because it is commanded of me.  I act in a Christ-like manner (or at least I try to ) because that is what I am called to do.  So what if I didn't believe this?  

Would I still want to be a good person? Would it be worth it to be just a good person?  Or would I live carefree, not care who I pissed off, and not have a worry in the world about what kind of person I am.  Without having a "higher power" to respond to, then why would I want to be a "good person"?

I actually started this post a couple months ago and when reading back over it I have to still agree with what I am saying.  Why would anyone just want to be a "good person"?  I know many of you who read my blog may not believe in God, so maybe yall can answer this question for me.  What is your motivation to be a good person and raise your children that way?  I am completely not judging here.  I just know what motivates me to be good and want to know the same for those of you who may not believe.

I love each and every one of my readers.  I value all of your opinions, so please share!

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