Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My Favorite Kinds Of Posts

I have come to love reading blogs for  many many reasons.  I love learning about other people's lives, being able to connect with amazing women across the country, and learning about all kinds of new things I would never know if it weren't for those women.  I have to say that as much as I love connecting with other women, the most favorite thing I love about blogging are all of the new things I learn about.

I love it when y'all share your favorite make up or food.  I love it when y'all share the latest greatest book to read.  Or when y'all share about websites to visit or places to buy things.  Because of you who do this, I have come to find some of my most favorite things.

Because I love this oh so much, I thought I would share some of these women and their posts with you.  Most of these I have tried out or they are on my list to try when I can find some money to do so.  I find each of these women are very reputable in their opinions and anytime they suggest anything I know it will be good!

Nadine from East & is my go to blogger for suggestions on just about everything.  She is always great about sharing her latest greatest finds with her readers and I LOVE that.  This post about podcasts has been my most recent love (I can't turn Serial off!).  And this post on where it find pictures for my blog has been bookmarked and used over and over again by myself.  

Lauren from 34 Magnolia Street has done an awesome job about sharing about clothing subscription boxes.  She has tried out a couple and can lead you where to find more.  This is one of those I have tried as well as want to save some money to keep trying more of them!

Through Lauren's Linkup I found Mandy from Mandy Living Life who mentioned the website Blogging for Books in her post this month.  I had never heard of this site and instantly fell in love when I learned I could get books for free if I am willing to write a review on my blog about the book.  My first book is now on the way:)

We all know that Erin from Living in Yellow is always endorsing some great product.  She always has something to share and something for you to buy.  I have bought some of the items, mostly jewelry, that she has shared and always been impressed. 

Being that I am a lover of running (I started again this week!!) I always love reading Katie's at From Ice Cream to Marathon posts about running products.  She always has something fun to share and giveaway.  And being the avid runner she is, I trust what she says about products! Currently she is reviewing some yummy looking protein smoothies!

We all have our favorite kind of posts and these just so happen to be mine.  I love finding new products to love, just like every other girl out there!  Take a look into these blogs and find some things you love!

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