Monday, November 24, 2014

A Time To Give Back

I have not spent a lot of time on here talking about my internship for school.  With my profession (counseling) there is a lot of confidentiality, so I cannot share much even though I would love to.  In case you haven't been around here long, I work at a residential homeless shelter for women and children.  And I am in love with what I do and who I work with.

I have mentioned before that I was scared and nervous to work with this population.  If you had asked me a year ago if I would, I would have said an emphatic no.  But the Lord showed me where He wanted me and I have fallen in love with this population.

I saw this video posted on Facebook last week.  Go watch it now, I will wait.  I had tears streaming down my face at the end of the video for many reasons.  One, I have been that person who has denied the hungry.  Two, after working with the homeless I cry anytime I see someone being kind to them because I know that could be either a past or future client of mine.

I bring this topic up because I desire to bring awareness to this population.  Fearing the homeless is a normal reaction for us.  But what if that was your mom, dad, sister, brother, or friend?  Wouldn't you want someone to be kind to them?  Wouldn't you want someone to reach out and feed them?  Wouldn't you want someone to love on them? I know I would.

There are many things we can do for this population.  Yes many are on drugs and will use money for that.  BUT they are also hungry and need to be loved on.  Can you spare a granola bar or an hour of your time?  I know I can.

If you do not feel comfortable reaching those directly on the streets, go to a shelter and volunteer.  Serve food or just offer to mentor them. This time of year is one of the best times for you to do this.  With it being Thanksgiving this week and Christmas soon, it is a great time to give back.  So take some time and find your way to give back.  Spend some time with the least loved people and show them Jesus.


Mosby Hardin said...

You have such a beautiful heart. I'm glad I have you in my life :)

Mosby Hardin said...

This is so good, Mosby. I moved a few months ago to a different area of Detroit, and for the first time, I'm actually seeing the homeless who live here. I've been brokenhearted over them but afraid to approach, so I appreciate your suggestions here. Thank you for your boldness in this!