Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Having Perspective

Apparently this week I am filling everyone one in on my jobs. One of those is my internship for school. As mention before, I am working at Lighthouse Ministires. The women and children I work with are homeless, and have experienced trauma far beyond what I could have ever imagined. To say it has been a learning experience is a major understatement! Sometimes my mind is just blown away. Ok everyday my mind is blown away.

While working with this population my perspective has been greatly changed. Let's be honest, when you think of homeless people it's not exactly the prettiest picture you can paint. For myself, I was even slightly scared of them because I had know clue how to relate to them. And of course if they were homeless then they had to be bad people right? Wrong. 

Most of these women have had everything going against them since they were born. Some are lucky to be here today. But at the end if the day, they are people. They are God's people. Many times their faith in God amazes me and I am beyond impressed and excited to see how much they love The Lord.

Just like you and me these women and children need someone to talk to.  They need a person who is willing to listen without judgement.  If only I was allowed to tell you about some of my clients.  Then you would understand so much more why I have come to love each and every one of them.  You would know why I have fallen in love with what I am doing.

I hate being vague and not being able to really sit down and tell you about these ladies.  (Thats just the talker in me) So to give you some idea of what I work with here are a few common themes among all who come to Lighthouse.

Almost all have abused drugs like meth, cocaine, pot, prescription pills, or alcohol so an extreme.  Many have had an abortion.  Some have had their children removed from their home multiple times.  Due to their circumstances they are typically diagnosed at some point with depression, substance abuse disorder, bipolar disorder, attachment disorders, personality disorders (very rare), or possibly something else.  This includes both the women and children.  But this is not to say this is every woman there.

Despite their pasts, despite what brought them to Lighthouse, and despite what their future may hold, I have come to love these women and children.  Yes it is stressful.  Yes it can be crazy.  Yes I could walk in one day and my client have left without me knowing and I may never see again.  But in the end I want to show them God's love.  I want to be his hands and feet and voice so that these women know without a doubt that He loves them just the same as anyone else.

Now you know a little (ok pretty big) piece of my life.  This is my present and my future.  And I cannot wait to see and experience more of it:)



Anonymous said...

Wait, are you actually trying to compare having had an abortion to having substance abuse problems or having your children removed by the state?

Miss Riss said...

I totally have to admit I was scared of homeless people...and that's coming from someone with a degree is social work! Oops!...but seriously, awesome job Mosby, keep up the good work - Gods work! You have an amazing heart and I admire your compassion. to you tonight! :)

Rachel said...

I'm so glad that you have been given a tender heart and a love for the people you work with. That's very needed!

Hayley! said...

This is a beautiful post. So glad you are serving the "least of these" and reminding US that ALL people are God's people.