Thursday, May 1, 2014

23rd Birthday Recap

I know I am late in the game on posting this, but honestly sitting down and blogging has not been my top priority this week...sleep and relaxation has been!  But I did have one of the best birthdays ever!! I could not have asked for more love or fun than what I had!

Friday I headed down to the beach house with Brutus in tow to help Mom get the groceries shopped for and everything planned for my party.  Saturday we woke up early and headed for the one and only thing I asked for for my birthday: a Spa Day!

Friend with Grad school and finals and the stress I had been going through lately, I just wanted a day to be pampered and to relax.  We went to the Aqua Aveda Salon on Anna Maria Island.  If you ever make your way down here, you better come see me, and you must go to this salon! It was absolutely PERFECT!

We both had a massage and then a facial.  I wasn't looking for any intense massage, I just wanted to relax, and that is exactly what I got.  2 hours of pure bliss.  I don't think I could explain enough how amazing it was!

After our morning of the Spa, we headed out for lunch at a cute local place.  Then back to the house to set up the table for the party and get some sun! I  am still much more white than I would like to be, and if you know anything about Florida then you know by May we have a full tan!  It was so nice and relaxing to get some sun and read.

We then got ready for the party and made all kinds of amazing food.  Dad had been fishing all day because I had requested one of my Mom's famous Fish Fry's and well you need fish to have one of those!  I also made this AMAZING Brie wrapped in crescent rolls thing that is a must share on here soon!

Everyone came over and we just had a blast talking and enjoying ourselves.  The food was amazing, the company was amazing, and I could not have asked for a better birthday.

As I mentioned before I only asked for one thing for my birthday this year.  I wanted a Spa Day.  And I know how expensive those can be so that is all I wanted.  Well my Mom got to reading this post on my blog and surprised me with many more gifts than I expected!

As mentioned in that post I had been wanting a recipe box that I had found online to put a bunch of the family recipes in for myself.  Mom went on the hunt for a recipe box, which are apparently non existent in the real world, and found this.  She made copies of her recipes and even laminated  them for me!  I am SO SO SO beyond grateful for this gift! It is so much more than I could have asked for!

This is the Alex and Ani bracelet I had been eyeing for a while.  Funny story both my mom and brother and his girlfriend were looking to get this for me.  Mom had picked it up before they could and so they bought it off her so that they could give it to me! Love love love it!

Also in that post was a black cross body purse.  And what did mom find for me? A black crossbody purse that I love even more than the one I had picked out!

There were other gifts of candles and soaps and drinks and clothes! I honestly was not expecting anything and feel so blessed to have a mom who went out of her way to make my day so special!!

Even though this is the first birthday in four years I have not been with my girls, it was definitely one for remembering! I loved being able to be with my family and be loved on all day!


Brittany said...

Sounds like the perfect day. Can't go wrong with a massage on your birthday!

Miss Riss said...

I'm sooooo jealous of your two hour massage. That sounds like heaven on earth! Glad you had such a good birthday (sorry for the late response, trying to catch up on blog reading)! I really love that bracelet too!