Sunday, May 18, 2014

Blast From The Past

Last weekend I had a major blast from the past. A little piece of my childhood was brought back to life, all by taking one step inside a store. A store I spent more hours at during the summer than any other place. A store where my candy dreams came true. 

And that store would be Dips Icecream Shop on Anna Maria Island. 

This place has all the candy you can ever imagine. When we were kids we would grab our bikes and head over there for some good ice cream and candy. We would save and collect coins just to be able to go. We would sit at the counter and eat and talk to the workers for a while. And then back on the bikes and home we went. 

I know mom probably had mixed emotions about the place. For one it got us out of her hair for a little while. But also we would be in sugar comas all weekend. We seriously loved that place. 

Last weekend we walked in and I was taken back to those days. The candy cigarettes. The Baby Bottle Pops. The sour spray. The Fun Dip. And so so so much more. Walking in there was like being 8 again and living the life. 

The place really hasn't changed a bit. It really was just like yesterday I was the little girl enjoying her ice cream with friends. And wishing I could buy all the candy. I remember thinking that one day I would work there. I would have been the best ice cream girl there ever was!

Oh if only I could be 8 again and ride my bike there every weekend (and not worry about the calories). It's always fun going back and reminiscing of the good times. Much of the island has changed some, but not Dips. It will always be the best hole in the wall ice cream shop there ever was. 


Rachel said...

We just discovered a little old-fashioned candy shop in the town next to where we live--it's so fun to explore and see all the kinds of candies that you don't see in supermarkets anymore!

Miss Riss said...

OMG this is awesome!! We had a shop similar to this when I was a kid too. Thriftys! There was ice cream, shaved ice, and candy! Just seeing you pics takes me back!!

Hayley! said...

Oh my gosh. I NEED ALL OF IT. This reminds me of the Mast General Store in Boone, NC! It's got ALL kinds of candy and you pay by weight, not by item. It's the bomb!

Anonymous said...

This looks amazing!!!
This reminds me of the "candy land" in Maryland at the Farmers Market. My dad never let us 'trick or treat' and we technically live in the middle of nowhere. Instead, he would take us to there and they sell the candy by the pound. We'd fill up a plastic bag with candy and they'd weigh it at the end. I always stocked up on sixlets. lol.
I'm going to have to keep this place in mind. :)

Ashley Z. said...

I just found your blog and I have to say it looks SO cute!! :)