Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Kids Are Tough Cookies

As many of you know, one of my many jobs is that I am a substitute teacher. Being that I have a degree in teaching, I have to say I am pretty good at my job. So good that all of the teachers with all of the really bad kids love having me. I am strict, yet nice. And I have discipline, yet like to have fun with the kids. But really why do I have to have all of the bad kids?! Please allow me to share some of the kids I have encountered.

The one who vomited everywhere
For one vomit is gross. But I normally would not classify a vommiter as a bad kid. Excpet this one REFUSED to go to the clinic. He sat on a stool and SCREAMED for his mom. I thought he was scared he would puke again if he walked, so I offered to roll him in a chair down. Nope he did not want to go. He ran into the teachers office which connects to another classroom, and kept screaming for mom. The other teacher asked if I needed help. She got the nurse to come to us. He still refused to move. He puked again on the floor of the office and still refused to leave the classroom. 5 minutes later he ran into the room crying. When I tried to talk to him he bolted for he door where he was caught by the nurse. And never to be seen again....

The one who put soap on the water fountain
Now from the moment this kid walked into my classroom he did not want to behave for me. About half way through the morning he got in trouble for something. He then told me he was going to lock himself in the bathroom. I didn't care, I knew he would come out eventually. When he did come out he went to wash high hands at the sink with the water fountain. I look away for one second, and when I looked back he was putting hand soap in the mouth piece of the water fountain, in where the water comes out. He swore he didn't do anything. To the other classroom he went...

The one who screamed for 15 minutes
I was warned that I had screamers this day. And I was warned about this one child. Well she decided she didn't like the assignment I gave. I told her she was not allowed to do anything else, she needed to do the assignment the way I asked. She did not like that and started crying and screaming at me. Like seriously screaming at me. So loud that all the other students were complaining she was hurting their ears. The teacher next door came over and called the office. It took them forever to come down. Meanwhile the girl chased me around the classroom as I tried to help the other students with their work. 

The one who hits for no reason
You would think by 5 years old kids would know not to hit each other. Well this young man apparently does not. After already having to walk next to me because he couldn't walk in line, when I turned my back for literally two seconds he hit another student in the chest. I could even hear the pop! He went straight to the office and was never seen again....well until I had to take class pictures for the second time!

The one who said her name was squirrel
She was in middle school. And I know I was totally her when I was her age. But when I went through attendance she said she went by "squirrel". How obnoxious!? She goofed off all class and could not be trusted. I mean come on, I am not 89. It wasn't even 10 years ago I was sitting there. And I'm nice to you if your nice to me. I had her again and when she finally figured this out she was much better. 

The one who knows where the devil lives
I had given the students a math assignment. I was minding my own business. 19 minutes later this child looks at me and says " the devil lives in a fire house." Um creepy much!?

The one who screams when he is rewarded
This kid scremed and cried over EVERYTHING! I ask him to be quiet? He screamed NO!  When I told him I didn't want to hear tattling (one of my big rules)? Screams and whines and says what he wanted to say to begins with. When I went to give him a point (their behvaior system) he screamed that he didn't want it. Lord have mercury child! He also had to be dragged out of the classroom screaming one day. 

Most of these cases happened on the same day!  So imagine what I need by the end of the day?  A nice hot bath!  And maybe a little more:) The craziest part is I would be back in those classrooms with those kids in a heartbeat. I love children and I love teaching (only in someone else's room). I absolutely love my job and doing what I do. Subbing is defnitely something I can see myself doing for a while even after I graduate.



Jamie said...

Kids are crazy!

leelee said...

When I used to sub, I once had a student who decided to run around the classroom during naptime, without his pants. That was a long day.

Miss Riss said...

Squirrel actually wouldn't be too bad of a name ;) . But seriously, kudos to you. I could. not. do. this.