Sunday, May 18, 2014

Fun Facts About the Hardin 4

If you have been around here long then you know that I have three siblings.  Mattie, Benjamin, and Bryce. I love those kids and could not imagine life without them. We were all born within 4 1/2 years (as in the oldest is 4 1/2 years older than the youngest) and have never really known life without one of us there. I would not have wanted to grow up any other way. 

We are all different, yet so much the same. Being that we grew up so close together, there are so many stories and fun facts about all of us. There is always something to make fun of for and there is always someone being teamed up on (for good fun of course!) Here are some of those good memories and fun facts about all of us!

1. We all had some crazy nick names growing up
Mattie: Matilda 
Me: Mo-dog (and I hated that one with a PASSION!)
Benj: The Turd
Bryce: Brycerella (like Cinderella)

2. We all told at least one person growing up that Mattie was adopted. 
Mattie is the red head of the family. As you can see in the pictures, none of the other kids have red hair. And neither do our parents. So it was super easy at summer camp or school to tell our new friends Mattie was adopted. Usually Mattie and I could have people going for days or weeks that she was adopted. Best fake story ever. 

3. We all played on the same sports team with at least one sibling
Mattie and I: soccer and softball
Benj and Bryce: baseball
All four of us: swim team
This isn't to say I played a lot of sports. This was all in the early years. But I did play some and most of the time my parents would try to make it easy and put us on the same team. Less games to go to!

4. Three of us were in a high school class together
Mattie, Benjamin, and I all took the same class at the same time with the same teacher in high school. Mattie was a senior, I was a junior, and Benjamin was a freshmen. We each needed to get out of some class and our guidance counselor really pushed this creative writing course. And next thing we knew, we were all together. The teacher hated us. We would fight with each other and she would think we were mad and got nervous, when really all was good. I don't think I will ever take another class with those two :)

5. We can pick on each other, but don't you dare try to 
Growing up we always had each other's backs. And like most siblings the rule was that we could say and do whatever we want to each other, but the moment another person says or does something wrong to one of the Hardin's they had the other three after them. And four on one is never a good thing. I loved knowing I always had them, and that I still do. There is strength in numbers friends. 

I really love these kids. And like I said, I cannot imagine life without them. They may drive me crazy most days, and some days I may want to disown them. But if given the option to choose, I would choose them to grow up with all over again. 


Shannon Q. said...

Ahh, you are so blessed to have multiple siblings and enjoy them so much!

Miss Riss said...

Aww I love this post so much! I always wondered what it would be like to have multiple siblings, so I'm gonna live vicariously through you! That's hilarious 3 of you were in the same math class, hahaha!