Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Bedroom Makeover

I moved into my apartment September of 2013.  By October of 2013 I basically stopped decorating my apartment.  I had done a lot, got burned out, and ran out of money.  What I had decorated was great, but I have always wanted to do more.

Fast forward to a year later and while I had decorated and changed up my living room, I had yet to decorate my bedroom.  Honestly no one but me goes in there, clothes are always all over the place, and what I have wanted to do was going to cost money.  But I finally bit the bullet and got my bedroom decorated...at least a little bit!

The Before: Sorry for the unmade bed:)

I liked my cream colored curtains because they made the room light.  But they were terrible about blocking out light.  And the apartment complex decided a couple weeks ago to replace our street light bulbs with the brightest ones they could find.  There just so happens to be a street light right outside my apartment.  So darker curtains were needed.

That little space with the printer?  I have wanted to add a table and decorate the wall for all my jewelry.  I shopped around and found the table below from Walmart.  Assemble was weird, but it works.  And it was cost efficient.

I feel like I still need to add to the wall behind my bed.  But I am not sure what else I want to put with my monogram.  Suggestions anyone?  I am open to just about anything!

Please excuse the chair full of clothes.  At least I made the bed?  Also still looking/saving for a real desk chair.  The current one is from my dining room.

One of my friends from college, Becky, made the earring holder.  I love it!  I have found that when I display all of my jewelry, the more likely I am to wear it.  Also I had forgotten how many earrings I have.  It had all been hidden away for the last year because I did not have a place for my jewelry.

The table was the perfect addition I needed.  I love the color and height and that my printer can fit underneath it.  I wish the printer was more hidden, but hey it's a give and take when you are decorating on a budget!

I am in love with my new additions!  Plus I am pretty proud of myself for finally getting around to decorating my room.  Also sorry for the crappy iphone pictures.  It was quicker and easier than pulling out the big camera!


Mosby Hardin said...

I love what you did!!!! Isn't it amazing what a few simple changes can accomplish?!?!

Mosby Hardin said...

ah it looks so amazing!!!!!