Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy Early Valentines To Me!

Every year on/around Valentines day since I started college my Mom (Mamerz) has sent me a care package full of all the things I love!  I seriously look forward to it EVERY year.  I have no idea why she chose this time of the year to send something (maybe you can share with me mom?) but I LOVE it none the less.

When I went to the Post Office yesterday and saw my box, I jumped for joy! It got even better when I opened it and found all of my favorite things in one bog box:)

Mom wears Clinique makeup and gets their cute free gifts all the time.  And my favorite mascara is Clinique so I always love getting these little surprises.  Add in some lip gloss and blush and I am one happy girl!

All of my favorite candies were included...I may have opened the hot tamales before this picture so they are in my tummy.  And seriously the Conversation Hearts are my absolute fave!

A nice sweater along with all of this makes it even better.  This is so not a good picture of the sweater but I have plans for it this week and will make sure to take some pics:)

Thanks Mamerz for always thinking of me on Valentines and sending me something sweet! I love you tons and cannot wait to see you in a couple weeks:))


Mrs in Training said...

Aw, that is so cute of your mom! You're a lucky girl :)

Brittany said...

Sweet. It is always so fun getting packages.