Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Most Valuable Advice

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Well thank you Lauren and Haley for giving us the most difficult prompt!  Ugh this one for some reason has been hard for me.  It took me a long time to finally come up with the best advice I have been given.  But I did.  And here it is:

"Pray about it."

This one little piece of advice I learned the most from Those Girls, you know my besties in college.  I have no clue which one started it, but whenever we would have to make a decision we would always say "just pray about it" or "let me pray about that one".  All in good humor.

My family even makes fun of me because I will say "let me pray about it" to everything.  What would you like to eat? Let me pray about it.  Where do you want to go today? Let me pray about it.  Are you going to do the dishes? Gotta pray about that one too!

As funny as we used it, that really has been something I have been implementing into my life.  I really did learn from those girls to pray about things.  Pray about everything.  And every time I have diligently prayed about something, I have always received and answer from God.  It may not have been the one I wanted it to be, but I did get an answer.

I have seen wonderful things happen through prayer.  It's how I got through a psycho crazy sophomore year that had more problems than you even want to know.  It's how I made i through my summer as the Girls Camp Director at The Vineyard.  It's how I made my decision on where to go to Grad School.  God led me straight to Southeastern University.  The power of prayer is amazing friends.

So if your reading this and thinking you need to pray more but also question "Does it even really matter?"  The answer is YES YES YES!! I have been in your shoes.  I have tried to do it on my own before and it doesn't work.  Give it a shot.  Pray.  What's the worst that could happen?  Whatever your answer, I promise prayer is worth a shot!



Eva Marie Taylor said...

I think you are so right that God sometimes answers our prayers not how we were exactly hoping, but He always answers and it's always for what's best for us! He really does care about the tiny details of our lives!

Miss Riss said...

Sometimes I take for granted, for lack of a better term, praying for things. There's always a part of me that's like "God knows my heart, God knows what I would pray for, what I want to pray for" and I never actually engage in the act of prayer. I need pray more!!

Jessica said...

Easily I am the same way. My parents tell me that all the time when I am trying to force the answer I want *but never does*. I need to pray more and let God take my stress. Thanks for this reminder! New follower :)

Hayley! said...

YES! You are SO right. Prayer is so important and can really impact our walk with the Lord. God rejoices when we share our hearts with Him--even the little stuff! :)