Friday, January 17, 2014

Sometimes and Always

Sometimes...Brutus chooses the worst times to want to cuddle
Always...I stop what I am doing and cuddle with him

Sometimes...I want cook all night long
Always... I hate the clean up (this would be the number one reason I want a man, so he can clean for me)

Sometimes...I come to work at the gym and the whole place has changed within even a day. 
Always... I fake it till I make it. And look like an idiot along the way not knowing where anything is. And I have been here for 6 months...

Sometimes... I get blown away by a gift someone gives me's because of the sentimentality behind it and reason they got me what they did. 

Like this ring from my best friend. I once said "I refuse to sink" she remembered and got me this ring as a reminder. I wear it everyday now!


1 comment:

Miss Riss said...

I love that ring!! And 90% of the reason I hate cooking is the cleaning!!