Friday, April 1, 2011

More Creativity Projects

As you all know this is the week for Milligan's Humanities Creativity Projects.  And so last night I was helping a good friend finish hers up (yes I know what you are all thinking, man Mosby is just so nice to be helping everyone with their projects, and yes that is true, just kidding!)  So lauren wanted to make a picture type thing by melting crayons.  But we soon figured out that it was going to take approximately 10 years to do that, and plus me + lighters never equals safety!  So instead I remembered way back to fifth grade when me and my mom did my planet project.  And all we did was shave down some crayons and then iron them to melt them.  And that is what me and Lauren decided to do.  It started off looking like this:
And then finally ended up looking like this:
I think we did a pretty good job! We had some fun and we laughed and worked our way through it, but in the end it worked!  Sometimes I can be crafty and love it!

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