Monday, April 4, 2011

To Skip or Not to Skip? That is the Question

I am pretty sure not only Milligan students face this problem.  But here there always seems to be the dilemma of whether we should or should not go to class.  Now heres the deal.  We (or shall I say many of our parents) are paying THOUSANDS of dollars for us to be here and attend these so called amazing worth while classes.  But every now and then we either come across a class we don't care for or we have a professor who decides not to give us an attendance policy.  Now while I do want to say we are all adults here and there should never be a need for an attendance policy, I have noticed that if there is none people, myself included, don't go to the class.  I have yet to make up my mind on what is the right thing to do.  My gut says "Dude go to class you paying them to be there and so you need to get the most out of your money".  But my heart says "Look you hate the class, it is sooooo boring, and do they really care if you are there or not?"  So needless to say I try to go to my classes, but to be honest I don't always go.  But I can say that I go quite a bit more than most and once I go to one I usually go to the others.  Maybe one day I will choose the right road and go to all my classes all the time.....MAYBE!

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