Saturday, April 2, 2011

This One is For My Mama!

This past two days I have spent time packing up what was once my families Mountain House.  And it did not hit until I was about to leave to come back to Milligan tonight that it would be the last time I would ever step foot in that house.  Now just so you all know I have only ever moved houses once in my life, and that was when I was 3 or 4 years old.  So needless to say the idea of never going back there has been kinda hard.
As I was saying good bye to my Mama, she started to cry, which in turn made me tear up.  I can only imagine what she was thinking, but I know it had something to do with the idea we would never be in that house together again.  That home holds so many memories from the 8 years we have been there.  And so I thought I would take some time to write those down for you mom, so that you won't ever have to forget!


The first winter we were up there and drove your truck up the driveway and got out then looked back and it was rolling out the drive way?  And Dad thought he was Superman or something and tried to run after it! Thank God for that ditch for saving it!

You and Dad and bunch of other couples spent weeks in the house around your birthday? I know I wasn't there but looking at the pictures, and hearing the stories I know you guys had a blast.

When you tried to ski a couple times?  The bunny slope was your best friend, but of course the olympic coaches and photographers couldn't stay away from you!

All the times we would sit as a family of 6 and play games around that table you love so much?  Between Taboo, Poker,  Charades, and all the other games, we sure as heck had a  lot of fun.

The first winter Annie came up and called her dad to see if she could drink over New Years?  And all he said was sure as long as she doesn't get up on top of the table and dance like a crazy woman.

The weekend in February when the Hunter's and Schuler's all came up there with us for a long weekend?  There was so much snow and so much fun had by all the kids and the adults.

All the Thanksgiving dinners me and you cooked in that kitchen?  Even though it was small and everyone thought they needed to be in there, we sure did make the most amazing food.

The first time we had Christmas there?  All of us kids were a little worried, we thought we might get fewer presents.  But you an Dad hauled EVERYTHING up there and then we went out and bought decorations.  Between the small light up tree and the Christmas lights, it sure made it a great time!

You and Denise Hunter tried to go down the driveway in the winter one time and you just decided to slide on your butt the whole way down?  Yeah you said you were going to fall anyways so it was just easier to start on your butt!

When Phillip came?  I think we took more walks to talk about that kid then we did the whole time we have had the house!  We now know if the Hardin's go on a walk and your not invited....that means were probably talking about you!

The first time Rudy saw saw the snow?  He went out for about two second then came right back in!

The Santa costume we got Rudy to wear up there?  And his fake mice that you had to call and tell Debbie about so that she didn't get scared?

Last year when we had Ella for the first time, but also had no electricity or anything?  Black Lab + Dark night does not work.  Putting us kids up in a hotel so that we had heat and a place to take showers.

Being able to fill the house on the Holidays with all of the family?  Those are the times I know I will never forget.  So much love in that house during those times.

Taking us kids to go look at lots?  I don't know what you and dad were thinking....looking at land is not fun for 12,13,15, and 16 year olds!

Dad's ribs?  Man he cooked the best ribs on those grills outside!  I think that was like the one meal we had every time we were there!!

Us kids being able to grow up seeing our Granddaddy all the time?  It was always the best getting to see him.  I knew he made seeing us a priority and we loved it so much.

I know there are so many more memories in that house.  Some good, some bad, and many we will never forget!  I am so grateful that we have had that house to grow in.  And even though I am crying as I write this, I know this is not the end of it all.  Just because that house will not be there for us, does not mean we will not be there for each other.  We are still going to have MANY more memories together as a family, and I for one cannot wait for those to start!!!

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Mattie said...

Never really thought of it with that perspective. But agree, it wasn't the house that brought us happiness, it was the people inside of it. It doesn't matter where we go, the love will always be there. And I agree Mosby, I cannot wait for the many new memories ahead for our family!