Thursday, January 31, 2013

Practicum Week One: Vampire Bats

One of my majors is Child and Youth Development, which is basically Education. I am not seeking my license to teach, but I still have to do a Practicum in an elementary school in order to receive this degree.

If your not a teacher and wondering what a Practicum is, it is basically a mini student teaching. Instead of spending all day everyday there I only have to complete 90 hours in the classroom. I will teach some lessons and I am there to help the teacher with whatever she needs help with.

My placement is in a 4th grade Reading/Language Arts classroom and I am LOVING it! The kids are great (all 40 of them!), the teacher is great, and I really feel at home there. They have been so welcoming and the teacher has been so sweet to help me with anything and everything.

Another great thing about this classroom and teacher is that she was taught at Milligan as well and her classroom reflects that. It is seriously so cool to see everything I have been learning really put into action. Even better is that the kids LOVE how she does things!

Let me tell you a few things about these kids, who already have my whole heart and hence forth will be known as my kids. There are two deaf boys in one of the classes. And guys they have the SWEETEST hearts. They came right up to me and signed for me. I cannot wait to learn more signs with them! We also have some students who slower learners, but yesterday they really showed off their stuff for me! I would have never guessed who they were if I had not been told.

And here are some things I learned from these little lovelies.
"Vampire bats don't eat humans, they eat animals only." Good to know guys!
"One time I told my sister she was too fat to be a princess." Guess I shouldn't tell her I am one...
"I like your shirt" I was wearing a dress...
"What's HER name again?" Ms. Hardin, Hey teacher, Hey you will all work

Seriously loving this class and I cannot wait to spend more time with them and actually teach a lesson or two!

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