Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Recap!

1. Friday morning I went over to Lauren's apartment to hang out.  Loved being there with a warm cup of coffee, some apples and peanut butter, and an awesome friend.

2. Brought Lauren her gift for winning my giveaway.  Love her heart for feeling bad for winning and wanting to give it away to someone else.  I had to make her take it!

3.  Before I could even make it to Lauren's I had to scrape my car.  It was an ice cube.  This definitely made me miss home!

4.  Went and got a gel mani.  I was uber disappointed when they told me I had to do a color because my nails were too tiny for a french.  

1.  Saturday night made a yummy dinner with Jessi and Becky.  Chicken marsala casserole, mashed potatoes, and a yummy green salad.

2.  I was in major need of some pants that I can teach in since I start my Practicum today (my other pants no longer fit).  Also found a cute new top!

3.  Made mini pizzas on english muffins for dinner Sunday night.  Easy and healthier way to fix my pizza craving.

4.  Tried this make your own pore strips. NOT MY BEST IDEA! I totes forgot about that whole thing where I have really sensitive skin.  It hurt like no other peeling it off.  Imagine waxing your whole face.  Future reference only do the areas in need.  At least my face is smooth as a babies bottom?


Nichole said...

Like the polish!

Angie said...

That Chicken Marsala looks tasty!