Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Weekend Recap

Party, Party, Party. The one word that describes the majority of my weekend. Both Friday and Saturday night were spent out at a parties with the fam.

Friday night we all dressed up and went to friends house for a party. Lots of food and drinks and dancing later and we were some happy campers!

Saturday night, we all headed over to some new friends home for a dinner party. To say the house was gorgeous is an understatement. It has already been established that my wedding reception will be held there...now I just need to find a man!

So wish I had gotten a picture of that place! We had so much fun with our new friends and even played a fun game of apples to apples!

Sunday Mattie and Boone and her friend left to head back to school. While I enjoyed the time they were here, I was ready to not have 500 dogs all around the house! But they will be missed:))

Just one more weekend left until I head back to TN...


Amy said...

Glad you are enjoying your break! I totally love how you have a reception venue for your wedding. I definitely already have a wedding photographer, ha! Now we just need to find those men! :)

Sam M said...

What a fun weekend! Sounds like a fun filled break to me! :) Have a great week Mosby!