Sunday, October 27, 2013

Life Goes Fast

Everything has been moving by so fast lately.  The days are running together and yet it feels like just yesterday I graduated from Milligan.  The whole point of this blog is to keep track of everything so that I can look back and remember.  And that is what I want to do.

  • This was my first week of finals for graduate school.  I have officially finished my first two grad classes!  I was so stressed about the tests.  After the second one (129 multiple choice questions plus listing stages, and identifying stages) I was just praying for a C.  I found out Saturday I made an A on that final.  God is SO good.

  • Brutus is getting so big.  He went to the vet Tuesday and weighed in at 4 pounds.  Twice his size in one month.  The vet also said he would get up to 12 pounds probably.  I want him to stay a baby forever.

  • I made the decision to start the Advocare 24 day Challenge.  Mattie did it recently and lost 10 pounds.  She loved it and looks great!  I am going to start November 3 and it will end the day before thanksgiving!  No alcohol, sugar, or anything processed during that time.  I think this will set me up to make it through the holidays right! More on that either this week or next!

  • I leave for Tennessee this Thursday and cannot be more excited!!  I have some awesome ( and majorly simple) plans.  Spending time with people who REALLY know me will be great.  I miss those girls and need a refresher!

  • Make fun if you want, but seriously EVERYONE comes to me for relationship advise.  And I have no clue why.  They all know I have never had a serious relationship or am currently in one. I do the best I can, but honestly right now I am tired of hearing everyone's problems and giving advice that is never taken.  Don't keep asking my opinion if you aren't going to take it.

  • I haven't wirrten a lot lately because I have had A LOT of problems with my internet.  I think I may have finally gotten it fixed.  If not someone else might not get the nicest phone call from me.

  • I have had so much fun subbing lately.  Yeah the kids are great, but I get to dress up.  All I ever wear is yoga pants and t-shirts at the gym.  I have loved feeling like I have a real job when I am at the school.

Hopefully this week will be filled with many many more blog posts!

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Miss Riss said...

129 mulitple choice questions??? That's crazy talk. Your outfit is way cute, and I'm on the same page with you about hoping for more blog posts this week, haha, I gotta get my arse in gear!