Monday, February 17, 2014

I Let Myself Go

So I am a stress eater.  Like big time stress eater.  And when I have a lot going on I could care less about what I am eating, all I care about is how easily I can get it made and in my belly.  Truth.  Sometimes cooking healthy is just hard and I don't want to do it.

I know all the right things I should be eating and I know all the right things I should be doing to lose weight.  But I haven't done any of them in a long time.  I rarely workout.  Maybe once or twice a week.  Because most of the time I feel like I could be doing something more important that working out.  And really the only solid time I have to workout regularly everyday is 5 am.  And I am not a morning person.

All of this to say I am REALLY REALLy up in my weight, it's almost bathing suit season, and I feel gross.  Real gross.  School has been a lot of stress and had me constantly busy.  Oh and then there is work.  So basically I have some pretty big excuses, even though I should have no excuses.

The picture below is from a couple months ago.  I am bigger now.  Oh great!

So here and now on February 17, I am going to finally get my butt back in the gym.  I am throwing out all the shit in my pantry and fridge I shouldn't eat.  And I am going to go get me some healthy food.  I need to do this.  I feel and look better when I do.

I am also thinking about signing up for a couple 5k's so that it will force me to train.  I mean I can make time to run a couple days a week.  

I think the one thing I wish I had was a regular workout buddy.  That was what kept me working out before.  First I was always with Sherry and then I had Lauren.  When I know someone else is there relying on me I will show up and I will preform to the best of my ability!  Now I need to learn to motivate myself!

Ok weight loss rant is over.  I am getting my butt out of this chair and heading to the gym for lots of cardio and some weights! I can and I will do this!  


Jennifer Ovenshire said...

We all wish it was easier to lose weight, eat healthier, and then maintain that lifestyle. Good job for taking to first step towards getting back into the habit!

Jamie said...

Good luck. You can do it!

Lauren @ The Albrechts Blog said...

You go girl! I'm going to do a bunch of 5ks this year, too! If for nothing else than motivation to MOVE! I know how dedicated you can be, so I have full confidence in you! Love you woman!

Miss Riss said...

You can do it Mosby! I know you can stick to what you want to do, and I'll always be checking in to make sure ;)

Shannon Q. said...

A workout buddy makes things 100 times better! Signing up for a 5k is a good idea too. Genuinely, you are a always will be. You've got more strength and motivation than you know! You've got this! Cheering you on over here!!!

Brittany said...

I need a workout buddy to. If I have someone to motivate me and do it with me it is so much easier and even sounds like a better idea than going alone