Monday, February 24, 2014

Wanna Be Rebels

"We were wanna be rebels who did have a clue" Oh if this does not define my lovely girls and I come graduation time last May then I don't know what does. You see we wanted to rebels. We tried to be rebels. We had a plan and went so far and then back out. So I guess that means we aren't really rebels?!

Let me start from the beginning. If you have been around here long then you know my time spent at Milligan College was done so with some of the best girls there. We bonded within the first few days of starting our freshman year, and remained close till the end.

Within the first few weeks of being at Milligan we started being called "those girls".  No this was not started by us at all.  I guess it was just weird to people to always see a group of 7-8 girls eating just about every meal together.  So everyone was just like "who are those girls?" Gradually we got over that little nickname, even though I still love it and use it whenever I can:)

Anyways back to us wanting to be rebels.  It all started during our Senior (Lunch? sorry I am totally blanking on what it was called) basically a time before graduation for all of us seniors to gather and have lunch and spend time with each other and the faculty and staff.  While there we got to talking about the cords we would wear during graduation.

Different groups at Milligan had different cords they wore.  Like if you graduated with Honors you received a Gold cord, Music was a pink cord, and then there were ones for all of the different Honor Societies.

We all thought it would be hilarious to make up our own cord for only "those girls" to wear.  You know rebelling against the system and everyone would have no idea.  Pretty much all the girls were on board with it, some a little hesitant and thinking we were crazy, so Lauren and I went and bought the materials needed to make the cords.

At the last minute basically everyone backed out on wearing them.  Lauren I were sad because we spent time and money on them, but at the same time I think we were both a little weary of wearing them as well.

I think in the end only two of the cords were made, one for me and one for Lauren.  So of course we took some pictures in them together:)

Looking back I so wish we had gone through with out rebellious plan.  If only for the confusion and questions we would have gotten from everyone.  Also it was Milligan and it was graduation day….what could they have really done to us?!


Miss Riss said...

I think this is a fantastic idea! You guys totally should've worn them! hahaha! They look super cute too!

Kym Fox @ Travel Babbles said...

HAHAHAHA!! This story is too funny and definitely sounds like something that me and my bestie would have done. One of the girls on our floor in college got in trouble for something stupid and wasn't allowed to walk with us on graduation so we staged "her" graduation the night before our ceremony lololol

Brittany said...

haha that is funny. Too bad your guys didn't wear them but a fun memory still

Rosina Palesado said...

I adore you blog very much & I would love it if you checked out my blog :D