Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I meant Business

Yesterday I talked all about how I was going to get my butt into gear and lose some of this weight I have put on, and hopefully more!  Well I meant business when I said that!  I got my butt into gear yesterday, and I must say I am mighty proud of myself.

I headed out to the gym and did and hour of cardio.  I can't remember the last time I did that.  I needed it and it felt great to be in there again actually working out, not just working.  And then I headed to the grocery store to stock up on all things healthy.

I mentioned that I tend to go towards the easy meals, which are not always the healthier meals.  So I solved that problem for myself.  If you follow me on Instagram you saw my post about all of the meals I prepped last night.  I grilled lots and lots of chicken and steamed lots and lots of veggies.  I put them in individual meal size containers so that all I have to do it grab and go!  Easy and simple! Just the way I like it.

About a year ago I did the Dandelion Detox Water.  And loved it.  I had really good results from it. So I have decided to do that agin for the next week.  Read my previous post to learn all about it.  Seriously worth it friends!

And then just so that you REALLY know that I meant business yesterday, I woke up at 5 AM to work out for two hours with my Mom this morning.  Yes I did just say 5 AM! I am not a morning person.  Not even a little bit.  And I do not run on little sleep very well.  But it is really the only time I have to work out.  So lets hope it becomes routine and I stick to it! (And yes there will now be coffee added to the diet to keep me awake!)

I also wanted to thank all of you for the kind sweet words!  I was just amazed from all of the encouragement and love I received from everyone.  Seriously if I didn't have you guys, I probs would lose my motivation and stay fat forever.  But I WILL NOT let that happen! SO thanks for the love and support!


Miss Riss said...

So proud of you Mosby!...you're making me look bad, I need to kick it up a notch!! Hahaha

Jennifer Ovenshire said...

Way to get things started! You're already killing it, girl!

Shannon Q. said...

I saw that photo yesterday and it honestly inspired me to do the same thing for work lunches. Its perfect

Brittany said...

yay good job

Jenny Fish said...

Awesome job! 5 a.m. is the only time I have to work out, too, which is the worst. I do find when I actually wake up and do the workout, though, I have more energy throughout the day than I would have if I had slept a couple more hours. Keep up the good work!

Neisha said...

Yes!! That's so awesome :-)Y