Thursday, February 6, 2014

Reasons I Love Having My Own Place

Ever since I moved home I knew I wanted my own place. I love my parents and I love my past roommates, but the only roommate I want for long time is Brutus. There are many many reasons for this. And I figured you would all want to know:)

1. No one to clean up after
I always hated doing someone else's dishes. Like seriously you can't take two second to wash your bowl?! I know I was  guilty of leaving dishes out as well, so I really shouldn't complain. But now I clean up after me and Brutus. And if Brutus could clean up after himself I so would make him!

2. No one to leave the toilet unflushed 
This has got to be one of my BIGGEST pet peeves ever. I find peeing in an already peed in toilet beyond disgusting. Why would you just leave your pee sitting there?! My roommates last year and my sister were all so guilty of this. All because "the toilet makes too much noise at night". Not a good excuse. 

3. I always have alone time
I am the type of person who needs a lot of alone time. It's the way I feel refreshed. I don't like always having someone around. I get annoyed. Having a roommate this was always the hardest part. Now if I want my roommate to leave me alone I put him in the floor or table or lock him in the bathroom where all his stuff is. 

4. I can leave my stuff wherever I want
When I lived at home my mom was always telling me to get my things off the counter and to clean my room. And rightfully so since it was her house. And in the dorm I didn't want to leave things out because it wasn't just my space. Now I can leave my shoes everywhere and not have anyone come and complain to me. Brutus loves it when I leave them out, they are toys to him. 

5. I can be as loud as I want
In the dorms the walls were so thin that everyone could hear your whole conversation in the next room even if you weren't being loud.  I remember numerous conversations being had whispering so that someone would not over here us.  Now I can watch tv as loud as I want, talk as loud as I want, and play music as loud as I want.

Oh there are more reasons why I love having my own place, but we will just leave it at this! 


Jamie said...

I am a leave the pee in the toilet person too. It really is gross.

From Ice Cream to Marathon said...

You are so lucky! I have never lived alone. I've always either been married or had roommates. I've always thought it would be wonderful though!
As for pee in the toilet- OMG, yuck!! Sometimes a certain person in my house will do that. I can't even stand to look at it!! I don't care if the flushing wakes me up, it's worth it not to have to see that. Lol!

Jennifer Ovenshire said...

Sometimes I really wish I had lived on my own at some point in my life. I will say - the whole pee thing drives me NUTS! Flush it already.

Danielle M. said...

I WANT THIS SO BAD. I've been so OK with having a roommate the past couple years, but this semester I've longed for a few moments to myself to cry, sit, or watch TV.

Miss Riss said...

#2 - sooooooo gross! It's not like it touches you, the pee that's been sitting in there, but just the thought that it's underneath me creeps me out. Yuck.