Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Road Trip With Mosby

If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, then you know that I spent this past weekend in Tennessee with my very best friends. It could not have been a better weekend ands as much needed after the insanely crazy weeks I had prior to going!

This time around I decided to drive to Tennessee instead of fly. There are many pros and cons to each of those and this time the pro of having my own car won. And the fact that I could make my own travel time won. 

So I drove 700 miles for 11 hours (twice). And well long drives like that can always be a tad bit interesting....especially when I am driving alone. Here is a little snap shot of what could/really does happen when I take a road trip.

1. Gotta have a book on tape. And a good playlist or some old school faves. I cannot sit in silence for 11 hours. Not gonna happen. So I find a good book (this time one being for some indirect hours for school...lame) and alternate between that and playlists from college. It keeps the trip interesting and always  my mind away from sleeping. 

2. Let's really dive into this music thing. You will find me belting out at the top of my lungs my favorite songs. And dancing. Lots of awkward car dancing. Let's be honest...it keeps me awake. And I must stay awake in order to drive since I haven't figured out this sleep driving thing yet. 

3. Lots and lots of caffeine will be had. First we start with a large coffee. From anywhere I can get my hands on coffee. Then we move to diet coke. And more diet coke. Throw some water in there too so that if feel like I am being kinda healthy for the day. 

4. Junk/fast food will also be had. I know I know I know. I shouldn't do thhis. But it's the one and only time (for the most part) that I allow myself to do this. I mean sugary foods help keep me awake. And if you haven't caught on yet....staying awake is vitally important. 

5. Phone calls are life savers. So many times when I feel like I am tired and will fall asleep I call my mom or a friend. Talking wakens me up and gets my mind going again. Plus this is the perfect time to catch up with best friends who live far far away. 

6. Breaks. Breaks. Breaks. I am always in need of a potty break. You see all that caffeine I consume makes me pee. And stopping helps with.....you guessed it staying awake!!! Sometimes I stop 5-6 times in one trip. Other times only 2-3. I have to get gas about 2 times so I know I will stop then. The other times are food or potty breaks. 

7. Road rage. I have some mad road rage. STAY ON YO SIDE!!! Where is that from!? Seriously DO NOT drive in the left hand lane if you are going less than 8 miles above the speed limit. Like move. Now. Not cool friends. Not cool at all. If you want to drive slow and safe then stay on yo side in the right hand lane. I have places to be and your nonsense in my lane is not ok. Sorry. Rant over:)

If you really want to experience a road trip with me just let me know:) I am always up for a good drive and fun times!  But not you know what you would be getting yourself into if you did ever go on a road trip with me. 


Shannon Q. said...

That is a LONNNNGG drive girlie! The longest I've ever done was 7 hours. Looking forward to hearing more about how the weekend was for you!

Miss Riss said...

You drove 11 hours by yourself?? Twice?? You're a better woman than me Mosby. I'm glad to know that if we ever take a road trip together that you won't be mad at me for all the potty breaks I require, lol! My mom and I drove to Vegas (a 5 hour drive) and we stopped 5 times. Once every hour. oopsie poopsie!