Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Things You Must Know If You Want to Date Me

I have been thinking about this post for quite some time now.  But I didn't now if I would ever publish it or not.  Then after talking to Nikki last night about how both of our parents have been promoting online dating for us, I thought maybe this was the perfect time to post it!

As well all know I am single. Very single. Very very single. And honestly there are no sites for a boy coming along for a long long time. I honestly don't know what I would do right now if I had a boyfriend. I mean I guess I would love him and spend time with him? But if there ever is going to be a guy in my life there are some things I think he may need to know.

1. He must love Jesus. This is the number one thing he must know. I love Jesus and need a strong Godly man. Nothing else will do.

2. Brutus is my kid. And if Brutus doesn't like him then I don't think it is going to work. He's going to have to love Brutus just as much as I do. Yup I know I'm lame:)

3. I'm a princess. To the extreme. And I don't do dirt. I can do the beach all day every day, but any other outside things are just not my jam. I don't go camping, I can hike but don't always love it, and I'm not skilled at most sports. I mean if he wants to teach me I am all for it. And I actually kinda like watching sports. But playing? Not really.

4.  He needs to be taller than I am.  Tall enough that I can wear heels when I am with him.  I don't wear them very often, but when I do I do want to make him look short.

5.  Working out should be a priority to him.  It shows great discipline in him and plus I need a good work out buddy :)

6.  I don't go out and party…like ever.  I more of the stay at home and watch movies at night and cook dinner kind of girl.  I mean there are times when I can do a party.  But for the most part I am very low key.

7.  We will not live together before we are married.  For one my mom would disown me if I ever did this, for two it goes against many things I believe in.  Which is why I need a strong Godly man who would totally 100% understand all of this.

8.  My love language is quality time.  So spending time with me, even just sitting on the couch doing homework or watching tv, will mean so much more to me than buying me gifts.  In fact I find receiving gifts really awkward.  (This does not mean he will get away with NEVER giving me gift, especially for my birthday)

9.  I'm kinda a messy person.  My mom and sister would go nuts living with me.  Things just kinda pile up and then once a week or so I put them away.  Yes the clutter will eventually get to me, but for the most part I am too lazy to pick some things up.  This mostly applies to clothes and shoes.

10.  I have only ever kinda had one boyfriend.  And yes I mean kinda.  I know I'm almost 23 and thats kinda lame.  But I am also SUPER picky when it comes to guys.  It's a long story with why the one guy was a kinda, but lets just say I probe won't do long distance ever again.


So there you have it.  If you have someone in mind for me just know he must know these things.  Its all true too.  So yeah.

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The Pink Growl said...

I love this post and I agree with most of these! You are still young girl and you have time! Being single at 29 is a little scary sometimes, but we are lucky we have God to focus in the mean time. It's such a special time of growing your relationship with Him without having to focus on someone else. Hang in there - DON'T GIVE INTO THE ONLINE DATING YET! :) XOXO

Shannon Q. said...

Ok first, that first quote pic you posted about thinking you were the one---for yourself made me giggle!
I think it's pretty cool that at a younger age you already have such a clear idea of what you're looking for and have the ability to follow it up with not settling. I think that's huge and admirable!

Neisha said...

haha I am laughing out loud at your first picture quote...I must be my one as well. It's great to have standards girly.

Miss Riss said...

Hahaha, that quote is hilarious!! When you do find "the one" can we go on double dates??! ;)