Friday, March 28, 2014

I Can't Believe

I saw this post on Living Colorfully and loved the idea:) So I am nicely stealing it and sharing my things I cannot believe!

I cannot believe...

I am almost finished with my first year if grad school. In a month. A MONTH! Whoa dang!

It has been almost 2 months since I have seen my best friends.

That my hair is finally long enough to get caught under the straps of a bag I put on my shoulder. To me this signifies it is long!

That Brutus has fleas. Yes fleas. And now I feel like I have them (I don't) and will be doing (or have done) a deep clean of my apartment which included vacuuming my couch. 

Summer is almost here. We are so close. And I cannot wait. 

I have not had a boat ride yet. Dad we should fix this one soon. Everyone has gone except me this year. Not cool.

Well Happy Friday friends! Enjoy weekend and have fun…but not too much fun:)



Shannon Q. said...

You look so great in that stripped dress, I love it!

After Eleven Blog said...

Loving that dress you're wearing! I absolutely hate shopping for dresses for me (longer dresses) because I'm so stinkin short and it's extremely hard for me to find them that fit just right.