Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Life Lately...In Photos

I got to know Shannon through the 40 Day Challenge with Overcome The Lie. We were partnered together and I have really come to love her and appreciate her friendship. So of course when she had this great idea for a link-up I knew I was in!

From here on out I am going to let the pictures from my phone do the talking (well I might have a few words to add). This is what my life has entailed lately....and you will notice I take more pictures of Brutus than anything! Oh and the pictures go from past to present starting a couple weeks ago:)

Oh how I love this kid!

I recently added several new prints to my wall!

A very good camp friend sent me the sweetest little package:)

When we go to my parents beach house, this is where you will find Brutus.  High above the dogs!

Brutus made best friends with my new best friend!

This is normally Brutus's "I'm about to bite and attack your arm" look.  Instead he settled for some cuddles.



Miranda said...

Love all of the prints on your wall! And Brutus is such a cutie. :)

The Pink Growl said...

I am so dang jealous of your tanning pic!!! It snowed here yesterday!!! BOOOO!

The Coulters said...

I too am very jealous of the tanning picture! It snowed yesterday. Brutus reminds me of my Phillip cat :)

Shannon Q. said...

How old is your Brutus? Our kittie is about 5 months old, spirited and partly crazy! Glad you linked up, I've had a good time getting to know you as well, you've got a great heart and such a welcoming and sweet presence about you :)