Thursday, March 6, 2014

One. Five. Ten.

I love Bonnie and all of her wonderfully brilliant ideas. When I read her blog earlier this week about where she was a year, five years, and ten years after graduating from high school I loved it. I like the idea of looking back on who we thought we would be and who we really are today. Everytime I do that I realize how wrong I was always about myself.

1 year Post Graduation
Where I thoughts I'd be: Where to even begin. I knew I would still be at Milligan. I thought I would have my first boyfriend. I thought I would be an elementary education major. I thought I would have best friends. And I thought I would be basically the person everyone knew at Milligan. 

Senior or Junior year of high school
Where I really was: I was a Milligan. I did not have a boy friend. Not even close to one. I was still an elementary education major adding on my psychology major. I had the greatest friends ever. And no one knew me a milligan. Ok some did. But most didn't. I kept to myself and my group of friends a lot. Social interactions are not my jam. 

Sophomore year of college
5 years Post Graduation (this may marks 5 years for me!)
Where I thought I'd be: I thought I would be getting my Masters in Education at Milligan. I thought I would be at least engaged if not married. I thought I would be planning on having kids soon. I would be teaching in the schools. 

Senior year of high school
Where I really am: I am gettingmy my Masters in Counseling in Florida. I moved home. I am not engaged or married. I am far from it. Kids are no where in my near future even a little bit. And while I am a substitute teacher, I do not have my own classroom nor will I ever. I also live on my own, have a cat, and work three jobs. A lot more crazier than I thought I would be. 

This past January
10 years Post Graduation (not there yet)
Where I thought I'd be: I thought I would be married for at least 5 years. Have a couple kids. A teacher or a stay at home mom. I would be married to a very successful man and have a life of almost no stress when it comes to money. I thought I would have the best of friends and the best family. All of my siblings would be married and the cousins would be having a blast growing up together. 

Where I really am: I don't know. I still believe some of these things. But really none of them are going to come true in the next five years. So I am going to make some new predictions. 

I will be married. Maybe have one kid or working on having a kid. I will have a career being a counselor and working on getting my Ph.D. At least one of my siblings will be married and have a kid. I will own my own home and have bought my first car with my own money. I will be able to travel at least once a year with my husband and/or family. I will be happy!

Now let's see if any of that will come true! 



The Pink Growl said...

oh man I need to do this post because mine is WAY different than what I ever thought and I am 7 years off college graduation.

Brittany said...

love this. I did it too. it seems we had similar ideas of what we thought our lives would be like when we were in high school. and we were wrong on basically everything haha

Miss Riss said...

I didn't see this post of Bon's but I've seen a few other people do it too! Funny to look back on our plans and see how much they've changed!