Monday, April 7, 2014

April Goals Update

Being that it is the beginning of April, I figured it was time for a goals update. And if only I had the same good news to share about my goals this month as I did last month! Unfortunately I have not been as diligent as I would have liked to be!

1. Put 10% of each paycheck into my Savings.
Instead of putting away 10% of each paycheck I changed this to reaching a certain number in my savings and staying there. I have reached that number!!!!! And now I just have to keep it there!
I have kept up with this since last month and I am very proud of that!

2.  Go Back to Charleston
Need to get to work on this one!
Nothing has changed here :(
3.  Focus on my Health
I have been working on eating healthy and I now wake up at 4:30 and workout with my mom. It's been the best thing ever to have such an amazing work out partner. 
Unfortunately I have not kept up with this this month.  I got sick and really busy and let working out stop being a priority.  This month I WILL get back on track!

4.  Really get involved in Church
I have made it a priority to be there. Now to get involved. 
Nothing changed here either :(

5. Meet a blog friend in person
Plans to meet Rissa in September maybe!
Still have plans for this one!

6. Visit Tennessee and New Hampshire twice at least before the year is up!
I visited Tennessee March 1. And I have plans to go to New Hampshire at the end of the summer!
This is still the same.  I also have one of my best friends coming down here to Florida for Spring Break which is going to be awesome!

7.  Finish decorating my apartment
I have loved my newest additions to my apartment. I added some new prints to my walls. I love the prints and the frames!

Here is what it looked like before:
The first three prints are from Lauren's Blog

Here is way it looks like now:
The new Prints are from this shop.

I also found this tin bin that I absolutely LOVE. It is going a over my kitchen cabinets. I am working on decorating up there and as soon as it is done I will share a finished picture!

I have found a couple more pieces for over my cabinets. I plan on working on my bedroom this month!

8. Find a Practicum and Internship site
I got a Practicum!!!! I need to tell yall more about my site. It's amazing. I am learning a lot and it has really opened my eyes to the world. I am now working on finding an internship!
I wrote all about my site here.  And I am hopeful that I will be staying at Lighthouse for my internship! I get my first adult client next week!

9. Go visit my sister at least one weekend before she comes home from Law School.
I need to make this happen soon!
I am thinking this one is going to happen in the fall.  This spring just got a little too busy for me!

10. Quit one of my jobs
Still praying and working on this
I DID IT!! You read all about it here

11. Do 10 Random Acts of kindness
I completed two already! I sent Lauren and her hubby a gift card to go on a date. Those two just moved and I knew life was crazy for them. I just wanted them to take some time for themselves:) 
Also when I was in Tennessee I treated some friends to meals. It was my way of showing love to them:)
I am officially awful and did not do a single one of these this month! I will catch up!

12.  Spend more time in the Word
Still a work in progress. I was doing good and then I let life get in the way:(
Still working on this one too….

13.  Stop procrastinating work as much
I have now worked it into my schedule to get homework done during the week. This has been the best thing ever for me!
And then I got bad about this again.  Not as bad as I was before, but I am not doing super great at staying ahead!

14.  Put my phone away more
Nope. Didn't do it. 
Worked a little on this one at dinners when out.  I could do some more work on it though!

Not as great of a month as I had last month, but I am progressing! I am really working on decorating and getting my life together.  The fact that I quit a job was kinda a huge deal for me so I think it makes up for some of the goals I didn't get to! Heres to hoping this month I will get back on top of things! 

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Miss Riss said...

I've been a little but better this month/March than Feb, lol! We'll have to video chat soon and discuss :)