Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Things I Will Never Do

We all have that list of things we will never do. Things that are so far out of our comfort zone or things we just really really hate. For myself my list is mostly comprised of things I hate. And because I hate them I will never ever ever do them.

 I will never own a dog. 
For all you dog lovers out there please do not hate me. First off please know I am a cat person. I love my Brutus. And for two dogs are just SO much work. So I applaud all you dog people. I just don't like all the work that comes with them. So only if my future husband will take full responsibility for taking care of the dog, we won't have one. 

I will never sky dive
For one I hate flying so getting me even in the plane will be hard. And for two I hate heights. I have absolutely zero desire to ever do this. My brother and sister have done it before and I refused to go. Just can't do it. 

I will never live with friends again
I lived with my best friends in college. And well it was hard. Having a roommate in general is hard no matter if they are your friend or not. My next roommate will be my husband. And that's if he's lucky. 

This would be my first ever roommate...if you don't count my sister!

I will never have a desk job
I love working with people. Which is why I am in a helping profession. I just could not imagine having to sit behind a desk all day, staring at a computer, making phone calls, or just by myself. I want to work with people hands on and share with them my knowledge which in turn may or may not help them. Either way out me in front of people and I am happy!

I will never not be nervous meeting people for the first time
I get some pretty big anxiety when I am meeting someone new or in a group of unknown people. It can be overwhelming at times. But all if takes is a little warmth and caring from one person and I relax and open up a little. A good friend told me last week "well I know you don't do socialization". I laughed.  It's a little true. 

There are probably a billion more things I would never do, but these are just a few.  What are some things you would never do?

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Miss Riss said...

Skydiving is a prescription for death. That's all there is to it. I've never had a roommate, I lived with my parents then got that weird?? Dogs for the win!!! ;)