Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Grad School Gives Me Gray Hairs

As I was preparing to go to class tonight (Tuesday) I checked my face and hair in the mirror.  As I was deciding what to do with my hair I saw something shiny in it.  Now I have natural blondish light hairs every now and then.  Especially when I have been out in the sun(which I haven't been lately).  Those next to my super dark hair sometimes look gray/white.  But what I saw was NOT one of those blondish light hairs.


Now friends I take after my mother in almost all looks.  I am her mini me.  Always have been.  So I was hoping and praying that I got the good gene from her and her Dad that basically is you get very little gray hair.  I mean my mom is 52 and does not dye her hair.  When my Grandpa died he was 87, yet had jet black hair that he had never dyed.

Now on my Dad's side of the family the women get grays hairs early.  This happened to both of my aunts.  This was the one Hardin gene I never ever wanted.  I have never dyed my hair and never want to.  I love my color and never want to mess with it. 

But I found one friends.  It was gray.  Very gray.  Could not be mistaken as any other color by gray.  Four days before I turn 23 and I have a gray hair!!!!! And I lame it on Grad School.

Why do I blame it on Grad School? Because Grad school is the most stressful and time consuming thing I have ever done.  Yes it can be very rewarding.  But right now I do not see that light at the end of the tunnel coming any time soon!  Finals week is this week which adds even more stress.  Therefore I got a gray hair!

even though they say never to pull them out, I did.  It had to go.  And I said a prayer for no more!  Hopefully I will be able to make it through the next year and not get a full head of gray hairs!

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Rachel said...

In my family it's the other way around--my Mom's side of the family goes gray early and my Dad's side doesn't. I'm hoping I'll take after my Dad's side!